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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’d like to gift my share to a family member/friend this week. Do I need to do anything in particular to do this

A. That’s very kind of you! You are more than welcome to offer your share to a loved one for the week. The only thing you need to do is let them know how the pick up procedure works (ie. time window, location, emptying & breaking down of the box) and they just need to sign off next to your name on the sign out sheet. Please also remind them to be courteous of our site host!

Q. I forgot to pick up my share on time, and when I got there, they were all gone. What should I do?

A. Unfortunately, if a share is left at a drop site, the owner of said share misses out on that week's veggies. On the bright side of that, the staff of the drop site gets to take home some fresh produce! If you think you might not be able to pick up on time, please let me know with at the very least, 48 hours' notice (the Monday morning prior to pick up), and we can work something out. Alternatively, you can always ask a friend or family member to pick up your share for you!

Q. Oh no! It was so hot last week that some of my produce wilted at my outdoor drop site! What should I do?

A. We harvest most of your produce within 48 hours of packing the boxes on Wednesday mornings, and all packed shares stay in the cooler or refrigerated truck until delivery. However, even the freshest of produce can wilt under heat pressure. If a particular week's heat wave rendered any of your veggies unusable, please contact me and we'll work to get you replacement produce or credit. I will also work with our drop sites to get the shares indoors if possible on these hottest days. On hot afternoons, I recommend picking up your box at the beginning of the pick-up window if possible to prevent your veggies from sitting out in the heat for hours.


Q. I have a logistically tough week and would like to arrange to pick up my box at a different drop site. Is this possible?

A. With at least 24 hours' notice, no problem! Email me at

Q. My box seemed to be a different size this week than it was last week. Is this normal?

A. Yes. We make all the boxes the same value each week (with the small shares at 2/3 the value of full shares), but this means that the number of items in a box will vary from week to week: Sometimes you will have fewer, higher-value items in a box; sometimes you will have more, lower-value items. Items such as head lettuce take up a lot of room and fill up a box quickly, but they actually tend to have a lower value than some more "dense" items like cucumbers, berries, tomatoes, etc. We try to make a box that is balanced and roughly the same size each week, but we are always working to improve. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about how we decide what/how much goes into your box!

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