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What is a CropShare?


A CropShare (AKA a CSA), is essentially a membership to our farm. Members pay ahead to reserve a share of the season's harvest. Then throughout the season we harvest, pack, and deliver a box of fresh, organic fruits and veggies each week.


Every box is a perfectly delicious slice of what's "in season". We send out a newsletter with every box to let you know what you'll be getting, along with recipes, farm news, and other tips and tidbits. Taking part in a CSA is a delicious way to support local agriculture, experience eating seasonally, and make a commitment to healthy cooking and eating for the year!


We hope you'll join us for an abundant 2024 season!

Learn more below or click here to sign up.

Our Summer season cropshare is filled for the season. Fall shares are now available for pre order!

Why Get a CropShare?

  • Eat well
  • Delicious cooking opportunities
  • Follow the seasons in your kitchen
  • Know your farmers!
More Reasons...
  • 20% off on all of our farmers market and Farm Stand produce
  • Blueberry u-pick pass included with your share
  • Exclusive basil u-pick opportunities
  • Weekly newsletter with recipes, field notes and more.

Our CropShare Options

Choose from Two Seasons:

Summer Season: Runs for 20 weeks, from June 5th to October 16th, 2024

Long Season: Runs for an additional 10 weeks, from October 23rd-December 18th, 2024, with deliveries every other week (5 shares total)

Choose from Two box sizes:

Standard Full Shares: ~3-4 person households. Our CropShare is at its best in the Full Share form. These boxes are full of produce, often including the more interesting things or special items we don't have enough for both size shares. For the best seasonal experience of our crops, we suggest this box.

Small Shares: ~1-3 person households. A great size for beginners (~2/3 the size of a full share). These boxes are a bit smaller, and don't always have the special items. But they're really manageable for anyone who is just getting used to integrating fresh food into their kitchen!

What will my share look like?


Box contents vary with the seasons, but no matter what, each and every one contains a large variety of our high quality produce - Greens, herbs, roots, fruits, and more!


Some examples of weekly shares below

Where Can I pick up my Cropshare box? 

In the McKenzie Valley:

  • On farm in Leaburg, OR: Wed. 1-6pm & Thur. 9am-6pm 

  • Blue River: Wed 2:30-5:30

In Eugene:

  • 2244 Alder St., South Eugene: Wed. 4-7pm

  • Friendly St. Market @ 28th & Friendly St., South Eugene: Wed. 4-8pm 

  • Noisette Pastry Kitchen @ 200 W. Broadway, Downtown Eugene: Wed. 4-6pm

In Springfield:

  • 348 G St., Downtown Springfield: Wed. 4-6pm

  • 58th St., Springfield/Thurston : Wed. 4-7pm

Some of these location and times may adjust before the start of the season. We will work to find suitable alternatives if necessary or we can offer a full refund if alternatives don't suit your needs.






Payment options


We offer the following payment options:

  • Payment through our website using PayPal*

  • Check (1-2 payments)


*Note that paying with PayPal allows you to pay with any debit or credit card you desire, just pay close attention through the PayPal checkout process.

Low income Payment options

We accept payment for CropShares via EBT.

Thanks to the incredible work of PNW CSA and Double Up Food Bucks, we can offer CropShares for 50% cost when you pay via EBT.

If you're not eligible for SNAP but still need financial assistance we also have a low income fund option that can partially subsidize the cost of a share.

You can read more about EBT and low income option here.

Vacation Credits


We hope you can enjoy every share, but we know better than anyone that summer is a busy time.


If an event pops up and prevents you, or a friend, from enjoying your produce, you can get a vacation credit on an Upriver gift card. Gift  cards can be used at our farmers market booths, or at the Farm Stand.


Vacation credit requests must be made the Sunday prior to the missed pickup day, otherwise we may have already harvested it for you!

Two vacation credits are available per main season share. One vacation credit is available per fall season share.

Still Have Questions?

See our CropShare FAQ Page or contact us at
We are happy to answer any further questions you may have!
Signup by selecting your share size and season below

Our summer season cropshare is filled for the season. Fall shares are now available for pre order!

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