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Purchasing a CropShare with SNAP Benefits

We believe that local food is for everyone.
We are committed to making the food we grow as accessible to everyone in our community. 
SNAP recipient payment options:

We work with PNW CSA to offer 50% off any CropShare, for eligible individuals. 

Eligibility: You are eligible if you receive SNAP food benefits. If you only receive cash benefits (allowing you to buy non-food items), then we cannot process your payment.

Payments are made monthly, and are directly processed from the member's SNAP account.

This is what you can expect if you decide to purchase a share from us online with your SNAP benefits: 

  1. Member joins our CSA and selects SNAP/EBT for payment type. .

  2. We may confirm a few details with the member, then we will submit your info to PNW CSA. They will email a SNAP Processing Agreement to the member with all of the pricing and farm information pre-filled. 

  3. The member has 7 days to print, sign, and mail this agreement to the Coalition. We will remind the member by email after 7 days if this hasn't been done.

  4. After we receive the agreement, PNW CSA begins processing the SNAP payments from the member on our behalf. Assuming there are no issues with the member’s SNAP benefits, members will not hear from the Coalition again. It will seem like automatic bill pay, with payments coming out of the member’s SNAP account on the day their benefits are issued.

  5. If PNW CSA does have a problem processing the member’s payment, they will contact the member directly to resolve the problem.

Low income (Non-SNAP) recipient payment options:

We also work with "That's My Farmer" to help provide additional funds to offset the cost of CSA for lower income individuals. If you do not qualify for SNAP, but still would like to get assistance please let us know when you order your share. Actual dollar amounts we can subsidize each year depend on total $ available and number of requests. 

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