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Blueberries, our Specialty


Fresh Blueberries. 


Our varieties include:

Berkley, Bluecrop, Blueray, Chandley, Duke and Earlyblue  We cannot take orders for specific varieties but  we can usually tell you what we're picking and when. 

U-Pick: $3.75/lb Starting July 5th through the end of  August.  Open Wed-Sunday. 


This is where it's at: Big juicy blueberries, all the tasting you can handle. We have a 2.5 acre field that is solely dedicated to U-Pick (that means more berries for you). Blueberries are one of the nicest berries to pick and especially with our tall bushes that provide shade and easy reach, safely convenient and comfortable for all ages. When you pick them yourself you get the best and can eat along the way. Available July-Aug.


Fresh Picked 2023: $5.50/pint, $28/half flat $55/flat  We have picked pints, half flats and flats.  A flat is approximately 10lbs and is 12 full pints.  We pick fresh berries nearly everyday throughout the season(weather permitting). Whether you're looking for dozens of flats, or just a pint to snack on, we can meet any blueberry needs! Available Now! through mid-August. 


Frozen:  Year Round. These are available in a host of local grocery stores as well as at our farm stand. We have cases available of 20-25lbs, 1 gallon bags of 4.5lbs and 24 ounce bags, all available at the farm stand. The 24 ounce bags are also available at retail outlets such as Capella, Kiva, and Sundance. If you are interested, please inquire about wholesale frozen blueberries!  Available year round. 


Dried: Year Round. We dry thousands of pounds of blueberries each fall. They are pure blueberries with nothing added; not too hard and just chewy enough, sweet with a hint of tartness, we call them blazins. Available year round at the farm stand and farmers market.  


Other Blueberry Items:

Among the dried, frozen and fresh blueberries we also whip some of these berries into other various concoctions. Our blueberry nectar is well known and has been a mainstay beverage for our family since the late Dr. D came up with the recipe for it 15+ years ago. A rich, dark blueberry nectar that is best enjoyed mixed with water, bubbly, smoothies or in cocktails and/or whatever your heart desires. 

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