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Farm Work

If working long hours and feeling your muscles ache while in the hot sun, rain, sleet and mud sounds fun, all the while laughing with friends, and getting a lot of physical work done, then farming with us could be your dream come true.


We hire a great group of folks each season to help us complete our goal of growing delicious food for the community. It's not easy, but it can be a wonderful lifestyle that makes you strong, feeds you well and builds lifelong friendships. 


Open positions

Open positions for 2024

If you are interested please email a resume and cover letter to upriverorganics at gmail or check our page and apply there

We are a small farm 30 minutes east of Springfield along the beautiful McKenzie River. We actively manage 8 acres of annual vegetable crops, ¾ acre of greenhouse crops, and 5 acres of perennial fruits, mainly blueberries. We employ a large team of skilled farmers, drivers, marketers and support staff that all work towards a common goal of growing a large amount of exceptional food for our community. 

We market our produce through a small number of grocers, a farmers market in Eugene, a farm stand at the farm and our weekly produce shares (CSA) 

We farm 3 unique parcels all within 3 miles in our narrow river valley. We farm a diverse range of fruits and vegetables with an emphasis on carrots, cucumbers, blueberries, winter squash and tomatoes. We also farm some interesting crops such as asparagus, melons, strawberries, cauliflower, figs and much more. 

We have a mature farm with developed systems and set expectations. That being said, we have lots of potlucks, shared desserts, and a strong social community surrounding the work. 

Field Crew Manager- Full Time, Year Round. 

We are seeking a Field Crew Manager (FCM) that will be responsible for leading the day-to-day tasks of our field crew, typically consisting of 6 -8 employees, some that are returning crew members and other new faces. The FCFM  will work closely with the Farm Manager to lead and teach the crew in the harvesting and washing of vegetables (2 days a week) as well as almost all the necessary hand-work (i.e. non-tractor & irrigation work) in the vegetable and perennial fields (3 days a week).

The FCM will work closely with the Farm Manager to coordinate the successful production of our annual vegetable fields. Experience, work ethic, and an enthusiasm for farming is a must for success.. The second aspect of this job is helping guide the crew in an efficient and effective manner in order to help maintain the quality of the produce and the profitability of the farm. The third and equally important task is to be a positive and encouraging leader for the entire crew to help maintain a happy and engaged crew. This will require strong communication skills, empathy and understanding.

We are interested in helping grow farmers. We understand that farming is a lifelong learning journey, and we seek to train the next generation of farmers. This position is a stepping stone for a farmer that would like to work towards being a farm manager and/or farm owners, here or at other farms.



  • With the help of a a collaborative team of support roles. the FCM will lead and monitor the flow and work of the field crew and maintain an efficient and and effective farm crew.

  • Be a contributing member to the crew in the field including personally harvesting, washing, troubleshooting, repairing etc. (does not require tractor or irrigation work)

  • Encourage and maintain crew morale, including eating and/or making pie each pie day/Friday

  • Monitor and help facilitate the successful production of annual vegetables with other members of field management including the farm manager, tractor/irrigation operator and equipment manager

  • When necessary, communicate and coordinate with the CSA Manager, Farmers Market Manager and Farmstand Manager

Skills and Experience Desired:

  • Quality oriented, production minded vegetable harvesting and washing

  • Care and cultivation of certified organic vegetables and fruits

  • Experience leading groups of people

  • Strong communication skills

  • Strong leadership skills tempered with empathy and understanding

  • A desire to help train the next generation of farmers

Job Structure and Compensation

  • This position starts in March 2024, is a year-round, salaried position

  • 32/hrs week Nov-April, 40-45/hrs week May-October. 2 weeks PTO

  • Bonuses in the fall, based on financial performance of farm business.

  • $500 fund towards continued education

  • Eligibility in 2nd year for Simple IRA retirement plan with Employer contributions 2-3%

  • Housing not included, but on-farm housing at additional cost is a possibility

  • Lots of farm produce, 25% discount at farm stand.

 Equipment Maintenance and OperatoPart time to Full time

We are seeking a skilled individual that can Repair, maintain and operate our assorted equipment, with the flexibility to step into irrigation, our field crew for harvests and/or infrastructure projects as time and weather allows. We farm on three parcels of land, 4.5 miles apart, with 3 different irrigation systems. This position works solo 2-3 days a week but interfaces with other crew leads and works with the field crew on harvests at least two days a week. 

Equipment Operations  (+/- 25-50% of time)

  • Equipment

    • Operation of 3 field tractors, 2 cultivation tractors, manual transmissions, riding mowers, string trimmers, 1-ton trucks, and trailer towing.


  • Implements:

    • Manure spreader, spin spreader, chisel plow, tiller with bed shaper, plastic and drip layer, bed lifter, loaders, mid mount and rear cultivators.


  • Duties

    • Coordinates daily/weekly tasks with farm owner.

    • Field prep: includes chiseling, tilling, spreading compost, spreading amendments, bed shaping, plastic and drip laying, plastic lifting.

    • Mechanical Harvesting: operating bed lifter, potato digger and potentially other harvest equipment.

    • Cultivation: Maintain fields free from weeds using basket weeders, shovels, etc. 

    • Berries/orchards Management: Mulch & compost spreading, brush pickup, mowing, weeding. 

    • Material Handling: Trucking, loading and unloading of produce, equipment etc.  


  • Maintenance, Repair and troubleshooting for equipment listed above.

  • Potentially helping coordinate and lead an equipment/irrigation Apprentice


Irrigation Operations (+/- 10-15% of time):

  • Work with Irrigation Operator lead to assist in running irrigation. 

  • Run and perform basic maintenance on 3-4 different pumps, sand filters, suction and discharge lines at three field locations

  • Install, maintain and operate drip tape and hand lines for overhead irrigation (3 & 4” aluminum pipes) on 8 acres of mixed vegetable crops.

  • Assist to maintain and operate drip tubing on 5 acres of berries and other perennials. 


Other Field work (+/- 25-30% of time):

  • Setup/remove trellising for crops

  • Fix or repair infrastructure

  • Work with field crew on harvest, weeding, transplanting, etc. 

Repair and Maintenance work (especially during off season  (+/- 25-50% of time):

  • Maintain and repair farm equipment

  • Fix or repair infrastructure

  • Basic Carpentry, construction

  • Metal etc, Fabrication of tools. 


Skills and experience

  • 1-2 years experience with operating equipment

  • 2-5 years Mechanical repair experience

  • Ability to problem solve in the field is a must. 

  • Farming experience is desired 

  • Organic fruit and vegetable farming desired but not required

Start Date:  Feb '2024


  • Full-time, seasonal

  • Mainly Monday-Friday; Some weekend work irrigation work, usually 4-6 hrs,1-2x month during height of summer, depending on weather & irrigation needs, shared with Farm Owner. 

  • Some other farm work on weekends if weather allows no other option. 


  • Winter/year round work depending on skills, flexibility and availability.


April-May: 24-40 hrs/week, weather dependent

June-October: 32-40 hrs/week

November-December: 32 hours per week

January-March TBD




$1 minimum raise earned every 2,000 hrs/worked



Farm store 25% discount as well as access to lots of produce

$250 educational stipend

After 2 years employees qualify for retirement with 2-3% employer match.

Field Crew Members 2024

April-Dec Full and Part Time

June-Sep Full and Part Time

Apply today!

Farm Stand Lead 

May- Sep 2024

Contact for more info


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