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Terms of Crop Crop Share


 Farming is sometimes an uncertain enterprise and as such Crop Shares are not guranteed to be of quantity and quality as suggested. That being said we have never had a catastrohpy of any sort that has prevented us from delivering our crop shares each week and this is our 20th season farming. We do our best to bring you your shares but the Crop Share/CSA model is a coopertive agreement between the share holders and farmers to share the risks in the farming season. 


  You are welcome to cancel your crop share at any time but payments cannot be refunded after the start of the Crop Share season. If you are paying by the month you can cancel at anytime and will only be charged for that month.


  If you would like to recieve credit for a week's share (one credit per season). We can do this but you must notify us the week prior. Shares that are not picked up in the designated times will be donated to the loctions of pickup. We request that you don't ask the businesses or individuals to hold your share for you.  You can have a friend pick it up if you like. If for any reason your share is not at the location when it is supposed to be, please let us know and we can make sure you recieve a credit for the value. On occasion, people take shares that are not their own but this is a rare instance. For members paying by EBT there is additional agreement. Please ask for a copy of this and we will provide you with one. 


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