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We Love Variety

We grow upward of 50 different crops and well over 250 different varieities every year. 

In 2014 we grew over 60 varieties of melons alone.

  While melons are one of our favorite crops to experiment with, we also trial dozens of tomatoes, carrots, squash, potatoes, peppers and garlic every year. Many of the other crops we grow we have trialed extensively in past years to arrive at the flavorful selections we grow today. 


  Many of the varieties we cultivate have been grown here for 15+ years and have been continuously improved with selection for flavor, vigor and size. 


Our crop offerings are truly seasonal and changing throughout the year. 

With berries and fruit in the summers, it changes to carrots and greens for the fall and winter, we keep the flavors fresh and new with the weather.


With such distinct seasons where we are and a plethora of crops, it's no wonder that farms like ours in the Northwest foster such a fertile landscape for culinary exploration. 

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