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What is a CropShare


A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, or CropShare as we like to call it, is like a membership to our farm. We ask members to pay ahead of the season to reserve a share of the season's harvest, and then we harvest, pack and deliver a delicious assortment of fresh, organic fruit and produce every week (every other in fall share), June through December.


Every box is curated based on seasonality. We send out a newsletter with every box to let you know what you'll be getting, including recipes, farm news and other tips and tidbits. Taking part in a CSA is a delicious way to support local agriculture, experience eating seasonally.


We hope you'll join us for an abundant 2023 season

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How many weeks are in the CropShare?


Summer Season runs for 20 weeks, from June 7th to October 18th 2023

 Fall Season runs for an additional 10 weeks, from October 25th- December 20th, 2023. with deliveries every other week (5 total).

What sizes do you offer?

To meet the needs of our members, we offer two share sizes:


Small Shares: ~1-3 person family. 2/3 value of full share.

Full Shares: 3-4 person family. These tend to get a few more interesting items that aren't in enough abundance to go in both size shares or more of the same items