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Where to get the sweetest carrots


We are outstanding in our field! When we're not out there, we're running deliveries to shops and restaurants around town. We are also in town for farmers market several times a week, or out at the farm running the farm stand.

  When it comes to providing fresh produce for our community, we know that people shop at different places. Some are excited to visit our farm and see it from the source, others love the experience of shopping at the farmers market, others prefer getting a box of assorted produce in our Crop Share every week, and then there are folks that prefer to do their shopping at the grocery store. We provide produce in every one of these venues, all in an effort to provide good food accessible for everyone.

Restuarants and Stores


We are proud to supply produce and frozen fruit to many local stores, restaurants and wholesalers.


Some of our favorites are:


Sundance Natural Grocers

Kiva Grocery

Grit Southern Kitchen

Wild Craft Ciderhouse

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